Owner/Head Coach

I was a baseball player from about the age of 7 and played almost throughout the end of high school.  From there I got into lifting weights and jumped into the monotonous routine of weights and cardio at globo gym for the next few years until I discovered powerlifting.  I had no experience or coaching, my lifting form was shit and I knew it, but I piled on the weights anyways with no regard for my body.  My training was abruptly halted when I was diagnosed with herniated disc’s in my back which was remedied with just shy of two years of physical therapy under the care of Angelo S. Urquico, DPT, OCS.   Upon release my good friend had just finished BUDS and recommended I try CrossFit so I tested the waters and eased my way into it.  I liked it so much that I ended up interning at CrossFit in order to work out for free.  I attended my first level 1 in 2008, interned at University California Riverside under head strength and conditioning coach Josh Everett from May 2009-December 2009.  I currently hold the following certifications:


  • CF L1 Trainer
  • CF Olympic Weightlifting
  • CF Powerlifting
  • CF Movement and Mobility
  • CF Gymnastics
  • CF Kettlebell
  • CF Endurance
  • CF Goal Setting
  • USAW Sports Performance
  • Underground Strength


The doctors told me I would never lift weights again and to take up swimming or cycling.  I currently squat and dead lift over 500lbs and clean and jerk over 300lbs.  I am living proof that you can do anything if you’re patient and disciplined.  Never give up.



Owner/Assistant Coach

I love the outdoors!!! My family introduced me at a very young age to camping, water skiing, dirt bike riding and snowboarding.  While growing up with this kind of background I learned to never give up and to constantly improve myself. My brother, a marine veteran, was persistent with me to keep in shape and to always question if you are at your best. Not only for myself, but for the good of the family. I have taken this knowledge and put it towards not only being physically in shape but also towards becoming educated.


I received my Bachelor’s degree from University of California Irvine with a major in Biological Sciences.  Biology has always been an interest of mine and was never considered work. While becoming educated I needed that fitness part and continued dancing for UCI in Tap, Ballet and Jazz. I have been dancing since I was three years old, and ever since, have continued to focus on fitness, including dance, gymnastics, golf and track and field.  I also taught and choreographed dance in high school and college.


During college I also went to school to become an Emergency Medical Technician and was hired at CARE Ambulance. Working alongside Anaheim, Garden Grove and Fullerton Fire and Police as an EMT had been an eye opener for me.  I learned at a young age to never take life for granted. Also, please wave to your community fire and police. Let them know you appreciate them.


  • I currently hold my CF Level 1 and CF Movement and Mobility certifications.



I was introduced to athletics at a very young age. At five years old I began playing organized sports. I competitively participated in football, baseball, basketball, water polo with my main focus in hockey. During my high school years I found success with ice hockey traveling the country for tournaments, a state championship and national champion qualifiers. NARCH (North American Roller Hockey Championships) tournament and All-Star selection was a highlight as well. In my late teens/twenties I gravitated to surfing and MMA. I found great satisfaction studying Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu and Boxing. Some of my surfing explorations include travels to Hawaii, Mexico, South East Asia, Bali and Australia.
It wasn’t until early 2012 I was introduced to Crossfit here at RIOT. Right from the start I was hooked. It was a fresh new way to challenge myself mentally and physically each and every day. The community of people, motivating me to push harder then I thought possible was incredible. It had such a great impact it inspired me to not only be the best I can be, but to help others achieve what they thought was once impossible. Motivation, encouragement, support and a safe training environment is paramount to success. WORK HARD and HAVE FUN!

“The difference between a successful person and others is not lack of strength, not lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.” - Vince Lombardi

  • CF L1 Trainer



  • B.S. Kinesiology CSUF
  • CF L1





I use to compete in Crossfit and understand the demands it places on your body. Through proper nutrition and recovery you can not only improve performance in this sport through strength gains, skill improvement, and metabolic conditioning but also experience dramatic changes in your body composition via lean msucle gains and fat loss.

There is no such thing as a one size fits all approach to achieving your health and well-being goals. Truth is their are an infinite amount of ways you can appraoch diet and exercise to accomplish them. However, our bodies are unique. Not one of us is similar and our each of us responds to exercise and food differently. I take a hollistic approach to health that focuses on using the Paleo diet or Ancestral eating as a template to discover what foods and nutrients your body responds to best.

An emphasis is placed on establishing the behaviors that lead to the development of healthy habits that not only work in the short-term but allow for a comfortable and smooth transition into a a new and improved lifestyle filled with more energy, strength, stamina, and mood that lasts a life-time.

Re-invent yourself from the inside out. Wether you are looking for fat loss, sport performance, correcting digestive issues, managing diabetes and regulating insulin, or are just looking to understand proper nutrition that can work for you I am able to customize an approach that is suited to your lifestyle demands. All clients receive unliimited email and phone access to me. Please feel free to contact me at anytime regarding questions, comments, or dietary concerns. All Crossfit Riot members receieve a special coaching rate.


  • NSCA strength coach
  • Charles Poliquin PICP coach
  • Precision Nutrition, PN1 nutritionist
  • University of San Francisco, M.S

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